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Grace Mancuso, only daughter of the great Mancuso godfather, is eagerly awaiting the day when she can finally introduce her Mister Right, Lucino Luchese, to her family.

Dragon De Angelis has found the perfect woman in Aurelia Bono and is finally ready to ask her to marry him.

Four people, four clans, four destinies.

They are almost happy when a storm hits New York and turns them into pieces on a chessboard, pushed back and forth by powerful mob bosses.

All at once they are fighting not only for their future, their love and their happiness, but also for bare survival.

The heart takes its toll, but duty, that damned obligation to family, strikes like an axe between them.

Will they obey or fight? Will they risk everything and live with the outcome, no matter which way the scales tip?

Start of the series.

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